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Transcription Hero - Arcade Version

About Transcription Hero

Transcription Hero is an educational game where you get to play the role of RNA Polymerase! Travel down the rails of a DNA sequence, try to transcribe the gene without causing too many mutations, and race against native RNA Polymerase... all while listening to your favourite tunes!

Transcription Hero Documents:

Transcription Hero Instructions (pdf)
Notes for Teachers (pdf)

Game Features:

  • Play any DNA Sequence (choose from preloaded DNA sequences use "FASTA format" sequences right out of GenBAnk)
  • Plays your own mp3s in the background
  • Play using your keyboard, mouse, or USB guitar hero guitar controller. (Please note that the USB guitar hero guitar controller is for the windows version only.)
  • Top scoring players get free GDL software!
  • Mac and PC compatible

Top Scores

Global Stats

Total Base-pairs transcribed 457937
Number of mutations 36336

Rank Username Points
1 Jan 9,345,000
2 Joan 7,778,080
3 clo 7,615,100
4 zaxtyn 7,513,940
5 Gabri 7,182,360
6 yilver 7,148,640
7 marlon 7,137,400
8 JAMES 7,126,160
9 duncan n luke 7,069,960
10 EVAN 6,996,900


Step 1: Enter your name:
First Name:
Step 2: Enter your email address:
Step 3: Choose your platform
Mac - OSX
PC - Windows
Step 4: Click "Submit" and you will receive an email with the download link.