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Our Vision

Spongelab Interactive is a group of scientists, teachers, animators, artists, and programmers passionate about science education. We believe that cutting-edge technology and stunning interactive media should be available to everyone, regardless of fiscal constraints.

We know that teaching is an exceptionally hard job and educational resources are often stretched beyond their limits. The Spongelab platform brings everything you need in one convenient location through partnerships and collaboration within our global science community. Spongelab strives to make science education accessible and fun for everyone!

Why game-based learning?

We are highly adaptive social animals who live to “play” and our discoveries are limited only by our own imagination. As we all arrive, develop, and learn in a bright, noisy, interactive world, our brains are wired to explore, question, and solve within that context. Spongelab creates educational tools tailored to the way our brains learn.

Spongelab boasts high quality interactive digital media and teaching tools that engage users through a carefully crafted website platform that is a game in itself. We have a unique approach of integrating educational design with advanced web and gaming technology, providing the latest in communication tools and educational resources. Using 3D environments and game-based learning, integrated with intelligent feedback, Spongelab Interactive inspires learners to be passionate about the world around them.

Our Mission

Immersive learning through educational games