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Spongelab - Build-A-Body


Build-A-Cell is a drag and drop game to teach students about the organelles and organelle substructures within a plant, animal, bacterial, and fungal cell.

How to play Build-a-Cell

1. Drag the first organelle from the tray on the right side

2. As each organelle is placed in the cell, the next one is unlocked and the lock disappears

3. Information on each organelle is visible on the left side, click on the organelle to view

4. The lock and blue arrow indicates this organelle has a sub-structure that needs to assembled before it is placed in the cell
a. Click on the organelle and a new window appears
b. Drag the components into the centre window to form the sub structure
c. Drag the new organelle into the cell

5. Notice the interaction happening in the cell

Teaching with Build-a-Cell

Build-a-Cell is an awesome tool to introduce and teach concepts of cellular biology.


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