1) Step one after purchase is to click "Start Download" on the following screen

a) Or go to your account and find the game in the Software Library and click "Download" from there.

2. After clicking download your computer will begin to download the Amazon downloader for this game in your default "Downloads" directory. (C:\Users\"users name"\Downloads) You can also find it in the bottom left of your browser or in the downloads section of your browser and run from there.

3. After you open up the Amazon Downloader a window will open up to download the Build a Body install file which will be stored on the users desktop. Make sure no security services or applications are running during this time as it will block all communication and give the downloader a network error.

4. Once finished installing you can click install from the window or find the install file on the desktop and double click that.

5. A UAC (User Access Control) window will pop up asking the user if they really want to run the application for security issues. Click Yes

6. The install file will now start to run and once done should say Complete. Just click Close as the game is now installed