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Hey, Spongelab looks different!

That's right! Spongelab not only has a new look but a lot of new features:

  • Easier navigation to find science games, animations, simulations and graphics
  • Options to build a list, create a class and invite students
  • New science resources like the just-released Build a Body simulation

Our whole site is now a game! Collect points and credits on everything you do

Sign up for a free account and check us out!

Make a list of your favourites; create a class, link your favourites to your lessons

Choose from a selection of lesson plans and quizzes

Share your lessons with others and be part of our global science community.

Collect experience points and credits to redeem for discounts on educational products.

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The March Newsletter is out!Teachers: are your students ready for the Energy Challenge 2016?! Click to read on and play...


The January Newsletter is out! It's a New Year! Made any resolutions? Here at Spongelab our resolution is to stay healthy during flu season! We're particularly obsessed with how the flu works! Click to read on and play...


Attention All Spongelabians: Maintenance on the core sponge needs to be done! There will be a one hour service interruption this Saturday February 20th, 2016, beginning at 10 am EST. We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you have any questions please contact us.

- Spongelab Support Team.

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