Build a Body is a multi-player drag and drop game where you learn about the major organ systems of the human body. In Learning mode, take your time and learn about the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, skeletal and excretory systems. In Time Trial mode, challenge your friends or collaborate with them to build a body as fast as possible. Build a Body is multi-touch and can support up to 10 touch points.

How to Play Build a Body
First select your mode and the organ system you want to play. Drag the organs off the organ bar to their correct position on the body to build each system. If you place an organ correctly, it will 'snap' into place. Tap on the organ to learn about its role in the body. Can't reach the organ on the other side of the screen? Swipe the organ tray to rotate the organs around the screen.

To begin, tap any of the 4 buttons on the intro screen.

Then choose your gameplay mode.

Choose the system you'd like to build.

Then drag and drop the organs from the organ trays into the body!

How to Change Systems

To play another system, click any of the 4 menu buttons found around the screen and select another system.