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Can I contribute content to Spongelab.com?

When you login or register for a free account you will earn credits & points by contributing lesson plans, case studies, videos or quizzes that you have created in Contribute Content.

How do I contribute lessons, case studies, quizzes and videos?

Click Create a lesson, case study or quiz; or Submit a video link and follow the instructions on the form. Make sure you click the Save button if you want to sign out and return at a later time to complete your contribution. Click the Submit button when your contribution is ready.

Will my contribution appear in Explore immediately?

No, Spongelab will review all submissions for Quality & Assurance (QA).

Do I get credits and experience points when someone uses my contributions?

Yes, you get credits and experience points when you submit, more when it passes QA and even more when other users access your contributions.

How do I contribute graphics, images, animations or games?

Please contact us for more information.


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